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I spent about 3 hours yesterday driving the Explorer, following Jen, down to Ames, where I am now staying in a hotel ON campus (it's inside the Memorial Union!) for the remainder of my Iowa adventures.

Today was comprised of a lot of walking back and forth between Science I and Science II, both buildings here on campus at ISU. Jen and I got all our stuff for my bug sorting in Science II and I began to sort bugs.

I will take photos of the finished, sorted trays o' bugs tomorrow. It's very monotonous and time-consuming, but I like it better than data verification, which I did for about 40 minutes later this afternoon.

I love walking through the halls of ISU, in the science buildings. You can almost taste the academia. It makes me excited to start school at OSU. I am anxious to be at a University where I belong.

At UO at home I don't belong, and I don't quite belong here at ISU either. I'm a true Beaver, and I belong at Oregon State. I want to remember this excitement for science when I am faced with homework drudgery in a few months.

It's strange, because I could see myself getting my Master's here at ISU. It's a lot like OSU, really, very science-y. If I do go to graduate school in something life-science-y, I would consider ISU.

The campus is gorgeous, and every time I see the flash of red that is a male Northern Cardinal I feel excited.

Tonight was very surreal; I walked to the library, where I am now, to go online and stopped to try to video and take photos of fireflies. I am convinced that fireflies are one of God's most magical and amazing creatures.

I love to watch as little fluorescent dots of light smear the darkness at random increments. I like to catch them as well, and let them walk on my hands. If I am lucky, it will light up as it's walking.

I will really miss the fireflies when I am back in Oregon. Somehow fireflies make me feel at home--we don't have them in Oregon, but they are good for my soul. If I only had my friends and family here, I could almost be at home.

I just realized when I did a Google search on "firefly" that I completely forgot its other connotation: Firefly is the name of my favorite, though off-air now, TV show.