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So I figure I really need to talk about my movie experience.....

Last Friday night, after showering and getting all clean, I decided I would like to go to the movies. I had some friends on facebook who had seen the new Transformers movie, and I thought I'd give it a go. I had not seen the first one, but I had a feeling that it wasn't going to be plot-intensive.... I looked up my zip code here in Estherville on fandango.com but there were no showtimes listed, so I called the number listed. A recording told me the showtimes. Transformers showed at 7 and 9. haha! Just two showings....so I decided to go!

I set out for the theatre around 6 pm. On the way I stopped at a garage sale, so the timing worked out great. At the theatre, I had this secret hope that maybe somehow a cute guy would notice I was at the theatre, alone, on a Friday night, and come sit by me! :) Details of what really happened are below...

As I went into the theatre (it was about 10 blocks' walk), I noticed, to my delight, a flyer on the door that read "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" midnight showing"!!!! I just about died. 12:01 am on Wednesday, 15 July (Tues. night). I would LOVE to see HP 6 at midnight. Unfortunately, we wake up at 4 am, so that would give me approximately an hour and a half of sleep. I would feel guilty working on that little sleep; obviously I would NOT be at my best. I asked the lady at the counter about it anyhow.

My Transformers movie ticket was four bucks. Four bucks! I paid at the front counter, then asked if I needed a receipt. "Do you want a receipt?" the older woman asked me. "You don't need it."
"Er....well, okay, sure," I said, deciding to keep it for a souvenir. :) I walked to the right and bought some popcorn and a small Cheri Pepsi. If I was going to do this, I might as well go all out. :D Then I walked into the theatre.

I counted the seats. It wasn't THAT small. six by twelve, which was 72--two of those, so about 150 seats. There were a few other people in the theatre with me (It was about 6:40 by now): a man with a little boy a few seats in front of me, and a few other people. As the theatre began to fill up, I realized that my half-hearted dream of finding some cute guy to "pick me up" was not going to happen; most of the audience were indeed male, but they were about 15 years too young. Seriously, most of the audience were little boys. And they were all white, with cute summer haircuts. Oh, actually there were three little Latino kids wandering around, and another little boy who looked Asian, but besides that, it was white-person central! And they all seemed to know each other! A couple walked past me, and the guy threw popcorn at the guy a few rows in front of me. "How old are you?" asked the guy's girlfriend/wife.
"Seven," he replied. The little boy next to him snickered.

Finally the theatre was full and the previews began. I was hoping for the Harry Potter trailer, but unfortunately I had to endure a terrible apocalypse-type movie trailer about the Mayan Calendar's prediction that the world will end in December 2012. :( But then the HP 6 trailer began!!! I watched, absolutely spellbound. I had seen it before, but not in the theatre. It was aMAZing. Afterwards I cheered and screamed. The woman in front of me covered her ears, and various people around the theatre laughed. I was unashamed though; my love for HP cannot be played down.

The movie started. It was pretty good. It had a lot of sexual crude stuff in it, which was lame, but overall, I liked it.

I walked home to the sound of Common Nighthawks "peent"-ing and fireflies blinking in front of my eyes. The first time I saw a firefly I thought I was seeing stuff, like Sam did in the movie I had just seen--symbols inside his head. But no, then I realized that it was fireflies!! I had not seen fireflies since Costa Rica! I loved it. So, so awesome. I talked to my dear friend Lydia on the phone on the walk home, and overall it was a great night. :D

Today I got to help Jen do bird stuff. I'll talk about that later......

- handing her the birds
- sticky birds, clingy claws
- nestlings pooping

I really gotta write about today. That is all for now though.